Wisdom & Works of Mercy Coordinator Kit (with "The One Thing is Three" book)

Wisdom & Works of Mercy Coordinator Kit (with "The One Thing is Three" book)

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Product Description


This comprehensive Coordinator Kit comes with everything needed to lead a Wisdom and Works of Mercy Small Group Study. In addition to all the materials in the Participant Packet, the coordinator kit includes the DVD set of 10 talks from Fr. Gaitley, as well as the Retreat Coordinator's Guide.

The following items are included:

- The One Thing is Three book
- Wisdom and Works of Mercy: A Two-in-One Retreat Companion
- "Three Points of Communion" prayer card
- 10 Divine Mercy business card-sized prayer cards
- CD with a dramatic reading of the "Farewell Discourse" from The Gospel According to John
- Full-color bookmark with reading assignments
- You Did It To Me: A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action (book by Fr. Gaitley)
- DVD of 10 Retreat Talks by Fr. Gaitley (approximately 36 minutes per talk)
- Retreat Coordinator's Guide

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