The Odyssey: A Journey Back Home (DVD) (All ages/English/Spanish/French/30 min)

The Odyssey: A Journey Back Home (DVD) (All ages/English/Spanish/French/30 min)

By CCC of America
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King Ulysses has just won the Trojan War. All he wants now is get back to his wife Penelope and their young son. But his journey home becomes a long and dangerous adventure. Ulysses will have to test his courage and ingenuity to the limit if he's ever going to see his family ever again!

Meanwhile, Penelope and her son use their own wits and loyalty to keep evil Antinous from taking over as king and stealing all that is dear to their family.

Let CCC's featured host-mischievous Barney Owl and Grandpa Owl-give you the ride of your life into The Odyssey A Journey Back Home. A delightful, exciting and hilarious adaptation of Homer's timeless tale of family, love and unity.

(All ages/English/Spanish/French/30 min)

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