The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

By Archbishop Alban Goodier
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The antidote to worldliness,
explained by a holy Jesuit archbishop

Archbishop Alban Goodier completed The Meaning of Life in 1914, targeting one of the chief temptations of his time (and worse now): worldliness. He knew how easy it was to become attached to the goods of this world, and to profess one set of values while pursuing another.

His pointed insights range over the whole of the Catholic Faith:
• Answering to God • The fact of sin • Innocence • Sanctity and temptation • The inevitability of death • The Blessed Sacrament Vocation • The character of Christ • The human side of Christ • Prayer • Good example

The Archbishop’s wisdom:
  • Key to life: it solves every mystery. Do you know it?
  • Secrets of the saints: within your reach, if you know how to take hold of them
  • Abiding sorrow that must accompany true contrition: how it is consistent with joy of heart
  • What is Holy Communion? Three answers that take you beyond spiritual superficiality
  • Hidden, hard-to-detect idolatry that can make the human heart as hard as steel
  • Darwinism and other fashionable theories: the surprising kernel of truth amid the deceptive nonsense
  • True compassion: why there is no greater agony—or greater joy
  • Why knowledge is the forerunner of love
  • Prayer: the fascination it holds even for the most hardened atheist
  • How the Christian’s longing for death differs from that of one who has “given up” on this life
  • Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love that will enhance your reception of Holy Communion
  • The Act of Humility: when you can make it most profitably
  • The one arresting feature common to all the saints
  • How to keep your faith from lapsing into mere lip-service
  • “My yoke is easy, my burden light”: the secret of making these words come alive amid struggles and difficulties
  • The Gospels: why they seem so intent to emphasize that Our Lord is truly man

Throughout the book, Archbishop Goodier (1869-1939) displays the talent for memorable aphorisms for which he won renown— and the spiritual realism and depth that earned him an ardent following for each of his half-dozen books.

142 pages. Hardcover.
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