The King of the Golden City

The King of the Golden City

By Mother Mary Loyola
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Product Description

The book that began it all...
Many years ago, Mother Mary Loyola created a simple allegory of a little maid and the gracious King who deigned to visit her as a tool for catechism, to teach the little children. 
She never could have foreseen how children would still love her beautiful allegory and one of her last published works, almost a century later. 
This gorgeous version is a replica of the original 1921 hardcover edition of The King of the Golden City.
This special Centenary Edition of everyone's favorite book is truly a treasure!  Containing restored original illustrations, thick paper, and beautiful frames surrounding the text on each page, this book will be a lasting heirloom, that we hope will be passed on to the next generation!
Boy or girl, old or young, this story holds potent truths that call every one of us to greater holiness.  If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?  



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