Epic: A Journey Through Church History, Starter Pack

Epic: A Journey Through Church History, Starter Pack

By Steve Weidenkopf & Dr. Alan Schreck
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This Starter Pack contains everything a facilitator needs to run an Epic study including:
• Epic: A Journey Through Church History Study Set
• Epic 20-Part Study (10 DVDs)
• Epic Workbook (220 pages)
• Epic Timeline Chart
• Epic Timeline Bookmark

Read about the bloody persecution of the early Catholics, in the 1st 300 years by Nero and his fellow Emperors. Read about the early Heresy's which plagued the early Catholic Church, like Arianism, Gnosticism, Manichaeism. Learn how the Catholic Church was threatened by Islam in the early 600's. Learn how Fr. Martin Luther revolted against the Catholic Church and started his own church.Learn how Protestantism spread throughout Europe and the Catholic Church lost 9000 Parishioners within a few years, due to this new heresy.

Each participant and facilitator of the Study should have their own Study Kit.This is a Foundational Study.



ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1   05/27/2015
fantastic program! my parish loves it. Reviewer: Jade A. [Winnipeg, Manitoba]
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