How Can You Still Be Catholic?

How Can You Still Be Catholic?

By Christopher Sparks
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In today's chaotic world, people are searching for answers. Inspired by long discussions about the Church with his friends, cradle Catholic Christopher Sparks addresses probing questions about controversial issues, such as:

· the Inquisition;
· the Crusades;
· the Church's role in a state;
· homosexuality;
· procreation;
· women's place in the Church;
· and much more.

For practicing Catholics, Sparks will equip you to give a defense for the hope that is in your heart. For doubting souls, you will be happy to learn there are perfectly good answers to your perfectly reasonable questions. For those who have fought the Church tooth and nail, yield the floor a moment to Christopher Sparks. Hear him out. It's time to move beyond the myths!



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