Daniel: Apocalypse of the Old Testament (DVD & Lecture Guide)

Daniel: Apocalypse of the Old Testament (DVD & Lecture Guide)

By Paul V. Niskanen, Ph.D.
Product Code: 9781618900487

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Symbols of Divine Providence

The Book of Daniel, on the surface, tells a powerful story of God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of great tribulations. Understanding the book’s symbolic language and images, however, requires some outside research. Join Paul Niskanen, Ph.D., as he analyzes and explains Daniel’s content and symbolism, revealing the book’s rich significance to the New Testament and to modern Christians.

Echoes of Revelation

Daniel is considered a work of apocalyptic literature, meaning that its contents are primarily symbolic. The book does, however, contain real historical figures, and takes place during real historical events. Over eight lectures, Dr. Niskanen explains the relationship between history and symbolism in Daniel, making sense of key figures and themes:

• The close relationship between religion and politics in ancient Israel
• The meaning and significance of Daniel’s dream visions
• God’s hand and the role of free will in human history
• Daniel as a bridge to the New Testament

Far from being an isolated work of spiritual wisdom, Daniel reverberates throughout the New Testament. By illuminating the symbolism and connecting the dots between Daniel and Jesus Christ, Dr. Niskanen’s course shows the breadth and profundity of Daniel’s significance.

Why study Daniel?

The Book of Daniel invites the reader to explore a unique chapter in salvation history. Today’s Christians can feel intimidated by society’s increasing disdain for religion, something which Daniel understood all too well. God’s faithfulness to Daniel during his persecutions and sufferings is the same faithfulness he offers us today. Daniel is thus a very timely book for today’s Christians, reminding us of the unchanging nature of God’s love and fidelity, even in the midst of darkness.
In these eight lectures, Dr. Niskanen shows how we can find ourselves in this book, and how it is no less relevant today than in centuries past.
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