A Declaration of Dependence: Trusting God Amidst Totalitarianism, Paganism, and War

A Declaration of Dependence: Trusting God Amidst Totalitarianism, Paganism, and War

By Archbishop Fulton Sheen
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This book discloses the startling truth that you must know in a society infected with irrationality, emotionalism, and violence. Religion is under threat from both authoritarian governments and contemporary schooling. We have become victims to a devilish New Atheism and fear, as a result of our passive acquiescence to politics, "freedom," and science.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, with his forethought, knowledge, and zeal, brings clarity in the midst of propagandist lies and pagan civilizations unified in their desire to destroy. He reminds us why we should be afraid of what kills the soul rather than what kills the body. He exposes the world's bogus prophets and ideas, as well as the many "believers" who no longer worship or behave according to their original convictions.

Archbishop Sheen decries America's conflicts and hatreds, stating how we have moved away from God and are on the verge of disaster, that there is "too much tolerance of evil and not enough intolerance of wrong." He states that the world's chastisements are the outcome of its sins; they are the result of our rejection of God, our idolatry, and man's attempts to replace God serve only to demonstrate that the world is empty of virtue without His presence.

By the collective of modern society declaring independence from God, we have brought His wrath down on ourselves and made ourselves slaves to the world, the body, and the devil. Archbishop Sheen encourages us to examine our consciences to discover how we have contributed to the world's wars.

Reading this book will show you how "isms" influence individuals where the seeds of control have been sowed. You will discover how, throughout history, God punishes in order to eliminate evil while also healing His sons from their transgressions. You will also learn from the future saint's lectures on:

  • The presence of the Antichrist in history
  • The cause of war — whether or not it is just — and where its greatest tragedy lies
  • How to truly fight for peace, justice, and unity in our country and among nations
  • The standard to which all Christians should hold themselves 
  • Why the Church is opposed to extreme militarism and pacifism
  • Why those without conscience persecute those with conscience

Best of all, Archbishop Sheen emphasises how God's anger is not arbitrary but a consequence of our choices, how He is gracious and caring and will not let us drown in our sins, and how the key to our restoration — repentance — is freely available to us.

Paperback. 144 pages.

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