The Road to Self-Awareness: A Therapy Book for Christians

The Road to Self-Awareness: A Therapy Book for Christians

By Ian Murphy
Product Code: 9781644138229

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Product Description

This is the only motivational book that offers a thorough strategy for genuine healing, not cheap gimmicks passing for inner calm.

Our reality has been broken down by modern culture, and our eyes have been covered with blinders. This book will help clarify what you *should* be seeing, which you may have thought was out of reach before.

In these pages, Ian Murphy describes how he overcame his struggle with obesity. His tale is not one of weight loss but rather of transformation, showing how the transforming principles of the Christian faith can be implemented.

Ian set out to show through his own quest for well-being that there is a way to true betterment—one that acknowledges and celebrates a person's inherent dignity as someone created in the image and likeness of God. Ian was dissatisfied with the typical "self-help" books that restrict their scope to merely problem-solving, symptom management, or pain alleviation.

It is possible for everyone who feels imprisoned by self-doubt or fear, toxic messages or addictions, laziness or wasted energy to emulate Ian's journey into total and lasting healing.

It is intended for every person who wants to escape the rut of only existing or who is tired of dealing with misery, and longs for a more meaningful existence.

Not only will you learn how you can be cured, but you will also learn what will heal you: the God of all joy is waiting for you.

You'll discover:

  •     What obstacle blinds you to seeing and thinking clearly
  •     Our powerful ally against ignorance and irrationality
  •     The one truth that is crucial to healing
  •     What your focal point should be in the healing process
  •     Two things that many forms of therapy often miss

You will also learn about the function of emotions in your healing path and how to treat disorders from the ground up. You will gradually understand how to overcome fear and cultivate virtue. You will discover who you are as a loving child of God and experience spiritual rejuvenation if you open your heart to God's kindness and healing.

"Once again, the power of stories, especially stories of conversion, not only gives witness to the life-changing work of God's grace, but also communicates the life-changing reasonableness of our Catholic Faith," EWTN host Marcus Grodi wrote of Murphy's book Dying to Live: From Agnostic to Baptist to Catholic.

Pages: 256
Dimensions: 8.5 × 5.5 in

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