Ireland’s Loyalty to the Mass

Ireland’s Loyalty to the Mass

By Fr. Augustine Hayden
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This uplifting book reveals the remarkable history of the Catholics of Ireland, who stuck to the Faith bravely for hundreds of years despite some of the most heinous persecutions ever inflicted on a people. Their unwavering devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament is a trumpet call for us in these times when attendance at Holy Mass has declined and the liturgy is being desacralized.

Love of the Blessed Eucharist was one of the dominating qualities of the Irish race from the golden hour when St. Patrick, as bishop, conducted his first Mass on Irish land until the arrival of the Normans. Even during the Protestant Reformation, with its monastery closures, theft of Church wealth, and all-out hostility towards Catholics, King Henry VIII kept one thing undisturbed — the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. But the attacks would start soon.

You will be astounded by the attacks on the Mass during Queen Elizabeth's "reign of terror," which ended in the martyrdom of over 200 Irish Catholics, many of whom were killed in the sanctuary! The regime of fear was extended by James I, who carried it to new heights of cruelty under the vicious Oliver Cromwell.

Fr. Augustine Hayden uncovers a wealth of stunning details that are particularly pertinent to our time in these pages, including:

  •     How the Irish faithful responded when it became unlawful to celebrate Mass (Take note!)
  •     Why the English government sought to cancel the Mass and the sacraments (Surprise, surprise!)
  •     What the English planned following the suppression of the Catholic Mass (And how it backfired)
  •     The Saul-like terrorization and banishment of bishops and priests, and their indomitable courage
  •     The heroic martyrdom of lay Catholics, who bravely hid priests and guarded the Holy Eucharist
"The Mass was the focus of the enemy's hatred," Fr. Augustine wrote, "and it was also the magnet of the people's devotion." Infinite masses in churches, masses in homes, masses in every corner - these were the 'crimes' levied against the people of this country."

You'll see why the brave Catholics of Ireland thought the Holy Mass and the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament were worth cherishing - even to death. In the midst of battle, starvation, and unrelenting cruelty, our Eucharistic King provided the Irish the graces they needed to persevere and become a beacon of devotion for the rest of the world.

208 Pages.

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