The Bible Timeline Chart (Spanish)

The Bible Timeline Chart (Spanish)

By Jeff Cavins
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La línea de tiempo de la Biblia grafica

Linea de Tiempo expandible de la Historia de la Salvacion

• Siga el crecimiento de la familia de Dios la creaca­on hasta el establecimiento de la Iglesia.
• Descubra los 14 libros de La Biblia que cuentan la historia y camo los otros 59 libros la complementran.
• Vee la historia biblica en el contexto de los acontecimientos mundiales contemporaneos.

Spanish Edition.

The Bible Timeline learning system is built upon this chart, which arranges the key people, places, and events of the Bible in chronological order. This revolutionary study aid shows how all of the books of the Bible fit together to tell the story of salvation history.

• Each period of The Bible Timeline is assigned a unique color to help you remember the narrative; for example, in the Early World, during which the world is created, turquoise is used to represent the color of the earth seen from space.
• The growth of God's family is traced through history from One Holy Couple (Adam and Eve) in Genesis through One Holy Catholic Church.
• 14 narrative books tell the story of salvation from beginning to end.
• The other 59 supplemental books are placed into their historical context.
• The bloodline of Jesus, beginning with Adam, is traced throughout the biblical narrative.
• 68 key events provide an outline to the biblical story.
• Events in world history are provided to place the biblical events in real time.
• The reigning world power is indicated for each time period.

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