Great Adventure Bible Timeline Jumbo Chart

Great Adventure Bible Timeline Jumbo Chart

By Jeff Cavins
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The Bible Timeline chart is a dynamic resource that arranges the key people, places, and events of Scripture in chronological order. This revolutionary study aid shows how all of the books of the Bible fit together to tell the story of salvation history. This chart is the cornerstone of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Series.

This jumbo horizontal Vinyl banner is 77" long X 38" tall version of the standard chart is an ideal tool for leading a Great Adventure study. It comes with evenly spaced Grommets, 4 on the bottom and 3 on the sides. 

Sorry, the picture isn't rectangular, but please be assured that this Banner is perfectly rectangular and perfectly laid out. 

Features of The Bible Timeline Chart:

  • The Bible is divided among 12 color-coded time periods.
  • Fourteen “narrative” books that tell the story are indicated.
  • The other 59 “supplemental” books are placed into their historical context.
  • God’s plan of salvation is traced through a series of covenants.
  • The genealogy of Jesus is traced throughout the biblical narrative.
  • 68 key events provide an outline to the biblical story.
  • Events in world history place the biblical events in “real time.”
  • The reigning world power is indicated for each time period.

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