Apologia for Tradition

Apologia for Tradition

By Roberto de Mattei
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Understand Catholic tradition and its essential role in Christ's church throughout the ages!

Apologia for Tradition is a powerful, well-documented defense of sacred tradition as a solution for the modern crisis in the Church. This book demonstrates how the Catholics of history and today are united in a timeless battle to defend tradition: a battle that stretches from the sands of the Coliseum to the cultural arena of today's post-Christian era. The book shows:

  • The triumph of tradition over persecution and heresy
  • Historical examples of the Church's methods of adherence to our core beliefs
  • How saints in every era rose to defend the holy practices of our Catholic faith
  • How evil has attempted to eradicate tradition, especially today

“In the unhappy event of a conflict between the "living Magisterium" and Tradition, the primacy can be attributed to Tradition alone, for one simple reason: Tradition, which is the "living" Magisterium considered in its universality and continuity, is infallible in itself, whereas the so-called "living" Magisterium, understood as the current preaching of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, is infallible only under certain conditions."

- Roberto de Mattei

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