The Bible and the Virgin Mary - Complete Package for Individuals

The Bible and the Virgin Mary - Complete Package for Individuals

By St. Paul Center, Matthew Leonard, Scott Hahn
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Exactly who is the Blessed Virgin Mary? Can you explain her role in God’s plan for the world? Do you fully understand the vital role she wants to play in your life?

While Catholics know Mary is important, many never fully grasp how essential she really is. Now they can. The Bible and the Virgin Mary unveils the mystery of Our Lady that is woven into the fabric of Sacred Scripture.

Join author, speaker, and St. Paul Center Executive Director, Matthew Leonard, in this beautiful, awe-inspiring series, in which the Mary of doctrine and devotion comes alive in a powerful, new way. Based on Dr. Scott Hahn’s book, Hail, Holy Queen, The Bible and the Virgin Mary study will help you experience Mary as you’ve never experienced her before!

Amplify your experience of The Bible and the Virgin Mary with the Complete Kit (Home Edition). Don’t just watch the videos; digest and analyze what you’ve seen with the help of the Participant Workbook and then complete the experience with Dr. Scott Hahn’s book, Hail Holy Queen. The Participant Kit not only includes the DVD set, consisting of 12 lessons on 5 DVDs, but also its corresponding Participant Workbook and Dr. Hahn’s Hail, Holy Queen.

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