Pope St. John-Paul II CD: Glory Stories CD Vol 11

Pope St. John-Paul II CD: Glory Stories CD Vol 11

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Product Description

 The Glory Stories Audio CDs are the perfect way to introduce children to the incredible lives of the saints, and can be listened to in the car or at home. Your children will be inspired and their imaginations will be captured by the stories that teach the truth of the Catholic Faith.

Be Not Afraid!
This inspiring dramatization tells the thrilling story of St. Pope John Paul II, from his childhood life in a free Poland to his dramatic and even miraculous experiences under Nazi occupation in WWII and during Soviet Communist oppression subsequently.
Funny, exciting, and fast-moving, this story will reveal some of the secrets of one of the most beloved Popes of all time.

Product Details:

Runtime: 63 minutes
Recommended age: 4-12 years

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