Living a Joy Filled Marriage, Marriage Action Plan

Living a Joy Filled Marriage, Marriage Action Plan

By Damon Owens
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Created by Tom McCabe and Gregory Popcak

Living a Joy-Filled Marriage springs from the teaching of Blessed John Paul IIÂ’s calling to families and couples to explore their uniqueness by seeking their identity and mission in Christ.

This program incorporates a three-stage approach:

'Learning Stage: First, couples learn sound principles and a fresh, virtue-based approach to life sills through the narrative of a live presentation.

'Discuss & Discover Stage: Through a variety of focused activities, couples discuss their relationships, learn about themselves, and begin applying what they have learned.

'Plan & Build Stage: The final stage helps couples to recognize topics they may need to discuss at a later date, to identify shared goals, and to set concrete plans to build a joy-filled marriage. All of this is captured in this planning document, The Marriage Action Plan (MAP).

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