The 99 Starter Pack

The 99 Starter Pack

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Coming Summer 2019.

The 99 offers a simple three-part system, to help you quickly and easily organize an effective, ongoing evangelization effort in your parish or community.

The title of The 99 refers to the parable of the lost sheep. The good shepherd leaves the ninety-nine in search of the one who wanders away. How often do we think of ourselves as part of the ninety-nine? How often do we think we’re righteous, on the right path, and safe?

But the truth is, we’re the one. In our hearts, somewhere, we’ve gone wandering. The wonderful news is that the Lord pursues us each day.

All he wants from us is to stop running. Let him catch us.

The 99 encourages you to take time to consider who you are. Are you in the ninety-nine, or are you the one?

Be the one.

Be the one and allow God to catch you. Allow him to transform your life with his love. Then bring that love to others. Bring it to those who have gone wandering themselves. Bring it to those in your life who need to hear that God loves them and that he is pursuing them.

Be the one, and then go and find the next one.

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