No Greater Love, Starter Pack, pre-order

No Greater Love, Starter Pack, pre-order

By Dr. Edward Sri, Jeff Cavins
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Now taking Pre-Orders. 

No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ’s Passion, presented by Dr. Edward Sri.

The new program will include a 5-part video series, 30 minutes per session. It also features a “bonus”sixth segment on Christ’s Resurrection, a Workbook for both individual and group study, and the most anticipated book of the same title.

.No Greater Love, a new upcoming study program from Ascension on Jesus' passion, helps Catholics learn and understand Jesus' final 18 hours on Earth before His death on the cross. In the videos and workbook Catholics will discover...

    Allusions to Old Testament stories in Christ’s passion
    Fulfillment of prophecies in Christ’s passion
    Symbolism in the accounts of Christ’s passion
    Mary’s role in the passion
    The significance of the tearing of the Temple veil
    Differences in the Gospel accounts of the passion
    The last words of Jesus / The Seven Last Words
    Analysis of the behavior of Peter, John, and Judas
    The historical accuracy of the Passion accounts

Filmed in 2018. In The Holy Land. 
Experience the sights and sounds of the places where Jesus walked, prayed, suffered, and died. 

Dr. Edward Sri is among a handful of pre-eminent evangelists in the Catholic
Church and no one in our generation has spent more time
studying and reflecting on the full significance of Christ’s
Passion and Death.”

The new program was filmed on location in the Holy Land. It
focuses on the Agony in the Garden, the Trial before Pilate, the
Carrying of the Cross, and the Crucifixion at Calvary.

“Though we celebrate Christ’s Passion during Holy Week every
year, we can easily lose sight of its profound meaning for our
lives,” Dr. Sri said. “This new series examines some of the tough
questions: Why did Christ have to die for us? What did His
death accomplish? Why was He willing to do what He did?”

Dr. Sri is the Vice President of Formation for FOCUS, the
Fellowship of Catholic University Students, and the author of a
number of popular books on the faith, including:
A Biblical Walkthrough the Mass
Mary: A Biblical Walk with the BlessedMother
; Who am I to Judge; and … The Bible Compass.

“This new program is for anyone who wants to experience a
deeper relationship with Christ, and experience more deeply
his extraordinary love for each of us,” “After all,
Christ’s Passion and Death is central to who we are as

Dr. Edward Sri breaks down the four days of the Passion with his trademark blend of clarity, enthusiasm, and penetrating insight.

What's more, he's joined in this landmark study by other Catholic experts!

No Greater Love features video segments and insights from:
•    Jeff Cavins
•    Fr. Mike Schmitz
•    Jennifer Fulwiler
•    Fr. Josh Johnson
•    Teresa Tomeo
•    Elizabeth Sri
•    Curtis Martin

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