Via Dolorosa: A Contemplative Journey to Calvary

Via Dolorosa: A Contemplative Journey to Calvary

By E. Mary Christie
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Through its vivid portrayal of the Passion of Christ, this Contemplative Journey to Calvary prompts the Reader to step back in time to re-live the events along the Via Dolorosa (referred to by devout Christians as the Fourteen Stations of the Cross).

Via Dolorosa will ignite the imagination in a way that will enhance the Reader's love, respect and worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, thus opening the heart to an undying gratitude for the redemptive sufferings He endured out of His immeasurably merciful love for each and every one of us in saving our souls and re-opening for us the Gate of Heaven.

Author of The Story of Mary -- Mother of Love and other religious works.E. Mary Christie

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ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1   03/30/2015
E. Mary Christie engages the reader in an emotionally explicit journey through Our Lord's suffering to Cavalry in Via Dolorosa. With such vivid captivation and simplicity, this carefully mastered work paints each unique event unfolding Our Savior's suffering and crucifixion to invite the soul to find a new depth of understanding and gratitude. With heartfelt revelation, E. Mary Christie captures the true sense of love through sacrifice, a gift to which none can compare, in her gift to you.
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