Touring the Holy Gospels with the Twelve Apostles

Touring the Holy Gospels with the Twelve Apostles

By E. Mary Christie
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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.91/5 Stars. (11 Reviews)

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A contemplative tour of the Holy Gospels placing the timing of the events in chronological sequence - offering further insight into the life and character of each of the Twelve Apostles whom Jesus Christ chose to go out into the world to preach the word of his Kingdom. 

In these current times when there are those who seek to alter Christ's gospel (replacing the Kingdom of Christ with that of man), may the particular virtues of each of these saintly Twelve inspire us to remain strong in the defense of Christ's Kingdom - and to never be led astray by the enemies of our Eternal King.

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.91/5 Stars out of 11 Reviews
Learned Allot About the Apostles
(Alberta) | July 1st, 2021
Excellent insights into the Twelve Apostles and I really enjoyed reading this book. Also, found helpful the verses from the Douay-Rheims included and the feast day for each Saint noted at the top of the page in each respective chapter. Overall great spiritual reading and glad to have this book in my collection!
An Intriguing Look at the Life of Our Lord Through The Eyes of the Apostles
| April 11th, 2021
Ms. Christie chronicles the events of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s life on earth in an inspiring way, considering the perspective of each apostle. Each of the 12 chapters is dedicated to one specific apostle and known elements of his background, his apostolic calling, his presence within the gospels, and both his apostolic see and his martyrdom for Christ in the early church. The author’s depth of research about the apostles is evident. Her integration of gospel references, tradition, and contextual speculation related to each apostle’s human character paints beautiful scenes of Our Lord’s divine life. A challenge with this chapter format is the occasional repetition of events across chapters since multiple apostles were typically present in these events. However, the author’s exploration into particular themes relevant to each apostle makes the placement of gospel events well suited. Overall, a valuable resource for recognizing the humanity of each apostle and their transformations into soldiers of Christ.
Touring the Holy Gospels with the Twelve Apostles
(Alberta) | April 7th, 2021
We enjoyed reading “Touring the Holy Gospels with the Twelve Apostles”. It is a book that is hard to put down! My husband and I somehow managed to set aside enough time to read it all in one weekend. What a good idea to focus on one apostle at a time in each chapter (my husband paid particular attention to the “Philip” chapter of course). Selections from the Gospels are used to present each apostle’s relationship with and deepening understanding of Jesus. In addition to the words of the Gospels, the author has also drawn from the Acts of the Apostles and from early Tradition to provide as complete a picture as possible of each apostle. We would recommend this book to Catholics young and old. And we’re looking forward to Touring again on future occasions. Philip and Mary D.
A Wonderful Book
(Calgary) | March 21st, 2021
An enjoyable book to read! This book gave me more insight into the Twelve Apostles with some history as to where they lived and travelled. Thank you E. Mary Christie for a wonderful book and a helpful reminder to remain strong and uncomplaining in our daily life!
Truly Inspirational!
| March 12th, 2021
A very inspirational read! I was deeply impressed with the information leading the reader through the individual lives of each Apostle in such a way as to provide a much deeper insight into their lives hard to obtain in as much detail elsewhere. Definitely a highly recommended read for all serious Catholics seeking for a new perspective on the subject!
Touring the Holy Gospels with the Twelve Apostles
(Calgary, Canada) | March 12th, 2021
Touring the Gospels has a chapter on each Apostle so that we can really understand who they were, with their second names and a story, picture and prayer, as well. Knowing who the Apostles were is an important part of our holy Catholic Faith and this book also gives us hope of following in their footsteps. This is a very much needed book - thank you E. Mary Christie!
(Strathmore, Alberta) | March 10th, 2021
E. Mary Christie's account of the Twelve Apostles is so Interesting & Captivating! Touring the Holy Gospel with the Twelve Disciples is such an easy, smooth, enjoyable read. A Truely Captivating Book filled with facts that inspires the imagination to bring you back to the time our Our Lord. Such a Fascinating indepth look at the Apostles. I Highly Recommend this book to anyone interested in a good read!💕
Excellent book
(Calgary, AB) | March 6th, 2021
This book was very informative, interesting and had descriptive facts. My family enjoyed the book. It was an easy read.
Touring the Holy Gospels
| March 6th, 2021
This tribute to the Saints of the Holy Gospels will fire the imagination of the reader to know them and their commitment to Christ's words "Come, Follow Me." They were different - in ages, lives, occupations but ready to face dangers and death for Our Lord. Their Gospels continue to bring Truth and Beauty of Faith. Truly an uplifting account of these Apostles.
Touring the Holy Gospels with the Twelve Apostles
(High River, AB) | March 5th, 2021
In this narrative depicting the journey of 12 special men who answered the call of our Savior, Jesus Christ to pass on to us the truth of Eternal Life, has given the reader a more enhanced insight into their determination to win souls for Christ, sometimes at great cost to themselves. All their individual stories weaved together, shows us the power of God's grace, giving inspiration for future martyrs to follow in their footsteps. An excellent read, by E.Mary Christie, during lent & beyond to encourage us to stay the course until the end.
Interesting Read
(Merlin) | March 5th, 2021
This book has provided our reading group with a way to get to know all the apostles individually...we all know there were 12 apostles...we learned about each of them and it opened our minds to understand those ordinary men who walked and witnessed Jesus as he fulfilled the covenant and salvation history.