A Child's Book of Warriors

A Child's Book of Warriors

By William Canton
Product Code: 9781936639212

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Product Description

In this day and age, young people- boys and girls alike need to know about strong Catholic warriors who defended the right and fought for high ideals. 
Written by a journalist, and author of children’s literature, William Canton’s writing shows his great love for all things ancient as well as his flair for storytelling, and his unique penchant for British history. 
Each exciting legend is brought to life, bringing to light the noble qualities of each character: saints and lesser known heroes. 
"There is pleasure in store for the grown-ups as well as the children who get hold of A Child's Book of Warriors." -The Springfield Republican, June 1913
This stunning book is an exact imitation of the turn-of-century style 1912 original, and includes all the original illustrations including the original cover.

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