The Pope's Exorcist: 101 Questions About Fr. Gabriele Amorth

The Pope's Exorcist: 101 Questions About Fr. Gabriele Amorth

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Exorcists are in higher demand during periods of growing evil. The questions and answers in this never-before-published book will take you well beyond Hollywood exaggeration and into Fr. Amorth's actual private life, offering you a frightening view into his daily conflicts with the devil and an intriguing look into his sacred ministry.

The editors at Sophia Institute Press, which has published three of Fr. Amorth's best-selling books, distinguish between the fiction and the reality of exorcisms. They discuss personal accounts of Fr. Amorth's encounters with demonic obsession and possession. The editors also explain what exorcism actually is, how it is carried out, and its biblical background. They also outline the worrisome reason of the majority of possession instances (you'll never guess the source!).

These compelling pages show:

  •     Father’s intense daily schedule and the astounding number of exorcisms he performed
  •     Secrets of Fr. Amorth’s mystical life, including his supernatural visions
  •     The saint who was Fr. Amorth’s spiritual director and another saint who is known for his effectiveness against demons
  •     Straightforward answers to common questions on the devil and demons
  •     Who the first exorcist was and thrilling stories about saints who performed exorcisms
  •     What the room where the exorcisms took place looked like and the “tools” used during exorcisms

In The Pope's Exorcist You will learn the answers to inquiries like: Do demons actually spit nails and engage in other paranormal behaviours? Why did God create Hell and the Devil? What do Catholics think about magic and spells? Do you need to steer clear of Reiki, yoga, and transcendental meditation? What about Harry Potter and rock music? You will also learn how to shield yourself and those you love against evil and its numerous influences, as well as the most prevalent "gateway" sins that lead to demonic activity. This helpful book also offers liberation prayers and guidance for when you are engaged in your own spiritual conflict.

Pages: 112

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