Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons

Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons

By Fr. Vincent Lampert
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At a time when many Christians no longer practice their faith, there has been an increase in the attention given to the devil and his devious ways. Because the devil seeks to destroy and separate us from God, all Catholics must be on guard.

In Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons, Fr. Vincent P. Lampert, a seasoned exorcist, presents authentic Catholic teaching on the devil and his plan against humanity.

Providing a window into the merciful ministry of exorcism, Fr. Lampert equips Catholics with the knowledge necessary to avoid become vulnerable to spiritual attack. In Exorcism, you’ll learn

  • how the Church selects and trains priests for the ministry of exorcism
  • where and how the devil operates in the world, and what Scripture has to say about it
  • why it is vital for Catholics to live a vibrant life of faith
  • what to do if you suspect the presence of the demonic in your life or in others and
  • how to fend off spiritual attack and build a stronger relationship with God.

Exorcism makes clear that the power of Satan to wreak havoc in our lives pales in light of the glorious omnipotence of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Paperback, 176 pages.


Fr. Vincent P. Lampert is a graduate of St. Meinrad College and of the University of St. Mary of the Lake-Mundelein Seminary. Fr. Lampert was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis in 1991. He currently serves as the Pastor of St. Michael and St. Peter Parishes in Brookville, Indiana. In 2005 he was appointed the Exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He received his training in Rome and is a member of the International Association of Exorcists.


“At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Barna Research Group released a startling survey showing more people, some 56%, believe in Satan than they do in God. As troubling as that statistic is, this could be yet another one of those Romans 8:28 situations, where God uses all things to work for good. Perhaps the many troubles of our country and world—including illness, civil unrest, and unemployment, just to name a few—will cause folks who haven’t taken faith matters seriously to give more thought and prayer to the reality of good and evil, both God and the devil. That’s why Fr. Lampert’s book is not only so timely but so badly needed in a world that knows little about the source of gloom and doom or how to fight it. He brilliantly outlines how the answers can be found in Jesus, Scripture, and the teachings of the Church.”

Teresa Tomeo
Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host and Bestselling Catholic Author

“Fr. Vincent Lampert has been in the trenches of deliverance for fourteen years and speaks from experience.”

Fr. Gary Thomas
Exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California

“Most who write about exorcism are fascinated by demons. Fr. Vincent Lampert is fascinated by Christ. His focus on the Lord of Love who goes in search of every lost sheep gives proper context to his dramatic stories of exorcism. It is a context of gratitude and hope rather than fear and obsession.”

Cy Kellett
Host of Catholic Answers Live

“In this book, Fr. Lampert gives us a very balanced presentation of the Church’s ministry of Exorcism. It has the benefit of validation from his extensive experience, but to his great credit he never dogmatizes his own experience. On the contrary, he teaches from the Scripture as it is authentically interpreted by the Church’s authority. He introduces us to the Rites of the Church and her official teaching. Furthermore, Lampert neither presents this teaching abstractly nor seeks to spice it up like a Hollywood drama, but offers a very useful pastoral application to help us deepen our own relationship with Jesus Christ. For those who are wondering about the Church’s ministry of exorcism, this is the book to consult for the most balanced and dependable teaching.”

Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB
Host of “We Are One Body” and Co-Author of Personal Prayer: A Guide for Receiving the Father’s Love

“In Exorcism, Fr. Vincent Lampert has provided an insightful primer by which to better grasp the machinations of the devil in real time, not only for priests in their sacerdotal ministry, but also for anyone seriously journeying the course of faith. Thoughtfully drawing from Sacred Scripture, the tradition of the Church, and his own vast experience, Fr. Lampert speaks to the spiritual battles prevalent in our day while reassuring the reader of the great love God has for each of us. A useful resource for the spiritual journey.”

Very Reverend Jeffrey Grob, JCD
Judicial Vicar, Archdiocese of Chicago

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