Rules for Retrogrades: Forty Tactics to Defeat the Radical Left

Rules for Retrogrades: Forty Tactics to Defeat the Radical Left

By Timothy J. Gordon, David R. Gordon
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You may have been unsure of how to explain or defend your values and beliefs to your friends and family. This book could be exactly what you're looking for.

What exactly is a retrograde, you ask? No, this has nothing to do with space planets or stars. The following is our definition...

A retrograde calculates, night and day, how to return the world to:  

  • the Old Order of moral and sexual decency,
  • classical masculinity,
  • national sovereignty and national borders,
  • faith and hope and charity,
  • goodness and beauty and truth,
  • Christian civic liberty,
  • and most importantly, the social kingship of Christ.
In the words of Shakespeare, a retrograde is one of God’s spies.  

The retrograde has a unique ability to comprehend the stark chasm that exists between the degenerate, socialist-infiltrated world of decay on one side and the well-meaning, good-hearted, but clueless Christian world on the other.

In a time of such profound decay, being one of God's spies is a last resort and an absolute necessity: it entails not "deep cover," i.e., acting as the enemy, but rather "half cover": acting as a "contra" in the secular arena, a crypto-Christian counterinsurgent willing to fight like a Navy Seal and think like a counterintel officer.

Retrogrades... to the streets: our goal is to undo the deliberate, deuced machinations of "radicals" like Saul Alinsky, who, by writing the rulebook of radicalism, threw down a challenge that has gone unanswered until now. Rules for Retrogrades by Timothy J. Gordon is the handbook men of good will need to win the culture war! 

Here is a sampling from the call to action found within these pages:

  • No truth is “off-limits”; we must never be ashamed to be candid.
  • It is a damnable lie that humility disallows Christians from standing up (for what they believe) in the cultural and political forum!
  • Control of language is control of thought; don’t let radicals control the language.
  • Never trust a man who is unwilling to have enemies.
  • Radicals form coalitions but retrogrades form fellowships.
  • The root of cultural decay is feminism: end feminism to end radicalism.

Hardcover. 192 pages.


If you take your prose pugnacious, your meat red, and your politics incorrect, then you might be ready for Rules for Retrogrades. This is not a book so much as a crowbar. The Brothers Gordon have marshaled 40 tactics that are guaranteed to provoke not only pony-tailed boomers but also cautious mod-cons, dour trads, and unsuspecting zoomers.   

- Patrick Coffin, host of The Patrick Coffin Show

This book is a compact ‘Art of War’ for all Catholics, Christians, and conservatives.  The Gordon brothers provide a tour de force analysis of fundamental facets of individual, family, and social life all under siege these days.  If you’ve despaired, take hope, this book will make you want to fight again.  Rule 10 sums up the animating spirit of the book: “Radicals...must be beaten at their own game, and then in many other venues as well—decisively, definitively, and mercilessly.”  

- Michael Sirilla - Professor of theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville

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