Evidence of Satan in the Modern World

Evidence of Satan in the Modern World

By Msgr. Léon Cristiani
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There were terrible sounds, shrill voices, objects that moved erratically, and there was a sense of someone lurking but no one was seen.

When it comes to Satan, modern man frequently falls into one of two pitfalls: either they deny his existence or they become fascinated by demonology. This revered classic, hailed as one of the greatest ever written on demonic possession, provides horrifying descriptions of possessions, both ancient and modern, and exorcisms that are eerily similar whether performed in France, Italy, Vietnam, or anywhere else.

You'll learn how the symptoms of possession differ from those of obsession and mental diseases. Additionally, you will discover the various types of evil spirits and how the media, sexuality, and "art" deceitfully influence our thoughts.

You'll read more in these fascinating pages, including:

  • How a young mother nearly died due to possession — and the remedy that cured her
  • How dabbling in the occult, sorcery, spells, “healers,” and spiritualism could lead to possession
  • The ways in which collective possession manifests itself (e.g., in atrocities under Nazism and communism)
  • Techniques for arming yourself against the wiles of the devil and his manifold devices
  • Why the Mother of God is one of our most powerful weapons against the Prince of Darkness

You'll learn about the compelling story of a young child who, after being set free from evil, was given the gift of hearing, and how his sibling was freed from possession thanks to the Immaculate Conception's intercession.

You will discover how the devil used temptations and demonic infestations to assault St. John Vianney, a master of prayer and one of the most revered confessors in Church history. Many people saw his presbytery tremble and heard terrifying noises, especially when he would hear a huge sinner's confession the next day.

Msgr. Cristiani also discusses demonic assaults that took place while Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette at Lourdes in this book. Many others at the grotto claimed to experience visions, but they were actually demonic manifestations created to cause confusion and cast doubt on the veracity of Our Lady's appearance to St. Bernadette.

The father of lies is actively preaching many varieties of atheism, all of which result in death, in the midst of our current crisis of truth. However, Christ came to subdue the devil, exercising a dominion over evil spirits that is still used by exorcists today.

Paperback. 304 pages.

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