Donde Obtuvimos La Biblia: Nuestra Deuda Cor La Iglesia Catolica

Donde Obtuvimos La Biblia: Nuestra Deuda Cor La Iglesia Catolica

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Author: Henry G. Graham.

• Are Catholics anti-Bible?
• Who compiled biblical text?
• Who organized the text?
• How was the Bible preserved?
• What role does the Bible play in the Catholic faith?

Learn the origins of the Bible and trace the role of the Catholic Church in compiling, preserving, and revering the Bible throughout history.

Bishop Graham refutes charges that the Catholic Church is somehow opposed to Scripture. This edition also includes Bishop Graham's conversion story -- a compelling account of how this Calvinist minister was drawn to the Catholic faith and eventually became a bishop.

If you love the written word of God, you owe it to yourself to read this book and learn about the Bible's history -- and the Church's important role in preserving (not opposing) sacred Scripture.

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