God's Plan for Love, DVD Set

God's Plan for Love, DVD Set

By Christopher West
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Product Description

This God’s Plan for Love DVD is presented by Christopher West.  The dramatic and insightful videos provide couples with a rich understanding of the teachings of the Church. 
God’s Plan for Love is the key element to marriage preparation, with catechesis in the theology of marriage and the gift of human sexuality. 
These six videos are designed to accompany the Couple’s Guides, helping the engaged couples dive more deeply into the content as it relates to their own relationship. 

1. God’s Plan for Marriage “In the Beginning”
2. Christ Restores God’s Plan for Marriage
3. To What Are You Saying, “I Do”?
4. Where the Words of Your Vows Become Flesh
5. The Beauty of Openness to Life
6. Living God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage
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