Catholic Bible Verse Finder

Catholic Bible Verse Finder

By San Juan Catholic Seminars
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The Catholic Verse Finder aka Bible Cheat Sheet organizes over 500 verses showing the biblical basis for more than 50 Catholic doctrines - all one page front and back. This cheat sheet is laminated.

Some of the subjects include:
Infallible Church
Apostolic Succession
Tradition Condemned?
Mary, Mother of God, Her Assumption and Perpetual Virginity
Immaculate Conception (of Mary)

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This is an AWESOME reference that can be used in so many ways: starters for upper grade discussions, inexpensive gifts that a parish could use to help its parishioners to better understand or learn about OUR CATHOLIC doctrines/ apologetic and why they are so important and helpful for us to live out our Baptism and carrying on Jesus' teachings. ETC..... :] ;^] Reviewer: MaryCarol Schmid [JeffersonCity, MO]
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