The Coming Christian Persecution

The Coming Christian Persecution

By Thomas D. Williams
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Churches go up in flames. Christians are beheaded. Communities of Catholics are forced underground. Governments impose silence on people who claim to be faithful to the Gospel.

These encounters are not limited to those of the early Church or to the missionaries and believers in far heathen places hundreds of years ago. Christians are being persecuted right now, and it's probably closer to you than you think.

Christian communities are increasingly being persecuted for their beliefs in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and even in the West, either by acts of violence or changes in state policy.

Dr. Thomas Williams, a moral theologian and news analyst, incisively compares today's widespread persecution of Christians with that of earlier eras, outlining it in its different manifestations and offering insight into what it implies for the Church and for society as a whole. He also offers insightful guidance on how to put a stop to these atrocities as well as what Christians may do to get ready for what is ahead.

According to Open Doors' World Watch List, 340 million Christians were subject to "high levels of persecution" in 2020. The situation in nations that routinely oppress Christians, such as North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, India, China, and Pakistan, is expertly revealed by Dr. Williams. Christians are frequently forced to leave these nations in order to avoid economic hardship, coerced conversions to Islam, detention, violence, torture, and even death.

Dr. Williams also demonstrates how Christian persecution persisted throughout Jesus' life, from His early years through His death on the Cross. You will discover what Jesus stated in the Bible of impending persecutions, the tribulations and martyrdom that His apostles went through, and the struggles of the early Christians, notably the five virgins who are remembered in the Roman Canon of the Holy Mass.

Dr. Williams also investigates the causes of persecution of Christians. He reveals the opinions of Voltaire and Gibbon on how Christians were demonized and the origins of attempts to rewrite history in order to attribute Christian persecution to Christians themselves. You will also observe how there are six main sources of attacks on Christians today: atheism, radical Islam, Hindu nationalism, totalitarianism, academia, and Satanism. "The Church has once again become a Church of martyrs," declared St. John Paul II.

The book additionally explains essential reading for anybody devoted to remaining steadfast to the Faith in the face of an uncertain future, including:

  • How Christians are globally experiencing white and red martyrdom due to their beliefs
  • Why some who preach tolerance are intolerant of Christians
  • Ways to avoid fatalism and resist the increased persecutions of Christians
  • How to assist, through practical and spiritual means, those who are attacked
  • How examples and words of the saints can inspire you to grow in virtue and remain steadfast

Paperback, 272 pages.

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